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In the Classroom 5 Day Iridology Seminar taught by Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen. Done through DVD from your own home and is available in English or Spanish.


Course required for Certification by the International Iridology Practitioners Association


Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII


Included with Purchase:

- 9 Volume DVD Set 

- Techniques In Iris Analysis Notebook

- 4 Part CD-ROM 

- 8.5 x 11 Iridology Chart


This is a complete course in Comprehensive Iridology filmed live in the classroom with Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen. It covers Level I and Level II required for IIPA Certification. Included in this course of study are Iris Signs, Iris Constitutions, Lacuna Types, Pigments, Pupil Tonus, Collarette Signs, Contraction Furrow Signs, Sclera Signs, and Syndromes. Colorful iris photographs with examples of each iris sign are shown. Dr. Bernard Jensen visits the classroom and gives a talk on the value of iridology as well. This is the perfect course for students who cannot travel to a live seminar and desire to learn iridology and become certified through IIPA at home. It is also a great program for those who wish to continue to review iridology after they have attended an iridology seminar.

Price: $795 Australian Dollars with Free Worldwide Shipping



Payment can be made by PayPal or Bank Transfer.


To make an order please contact Iris Supplies at:



Phone: +61 3 5975 0927

Mobile: +61 401 170 986

WhatsApp: +61 401 170 986

About Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII

Having suffered for years with Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, severe pain, and numerous surgeries Ellen searched for answers to these health issues. She began studying alternative medicine and natural healing. Her studies led her to a natural healing clinic in Switzerland where she learned many invaluable healing methods.


She then studied for several years with the legendary natural healer Dr. Bernard Jensen at the Hidden Valley Health Ranch in California. This was the place where he helped over 350,000 patients get on the path to wellness.


Ellen became his Protégé learning all that he had to teach in the field of Iridology, nutrition, cleansing, and numerous other healing methods. Over time she became completely healthy, vibrant, and free from pain! All together Ellen has studied and worked in the field of Iridology and natural healing for over 30 years. She now is an internationally recognized authority in Iridology and Sclerology.


Her books and educational courses in cleansing and Iridology are used by natural healing schools and students around the world. She is well noted for her work in the integrated form of Jensen Iridology. In addition she has served as President of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) and is Vice-President of Bernard Jensen International. Ellen was also awarded IIPA Iridologist of the Year.


She also teaches classes in Iridology, Cleansing and Nutrition throughout the world. Ellen’s accomplishments include her book Health is Your Birthright, as well as her line of next generation cleansing and nutritional supplements. Her supplements include an effective five step cleanse called The Internal Cleanse Tool Kit and a 100% Certified Organic nutritional supplement called Super Organic Rainbow Salad.


She has a busy practice, “Lifestyle Counseling Service” and travels around the world teaching whole food nutrition and natural healing principals. Ellen is passionate about educating people to live a vibrant, healthy and happy life. She lives in San Marcos, California with her husband Art Jensen.

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