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Certificate of Advanced Physical Iridology.

What you need to use Iridology at clinical level.


This bundle has been specially selected for students wishing to become certified in Iridology. It includes the Introduction to Iridology plus 8 comprehensive courses covering everything to do with Physical Iridology. (Essentials, Constitutions, the Collarette, the Pupil and its border, the Sclera, Advanced Pigmentation, Transversals and Lacuna Morphology all with workbooks - 3 in hard copy and 5 as PDF downloads). In addition to the Integrated Iridology textbook, there are seven Integrated Iridology charts, an Iris Light Elite and Penlight plus a set of Fundamental Flashcards and Constitution Flash cards. Providing ALL the tools and training needed to complete your practitioner level training and implement Iridology into your clinic. Earn an Certificate of Advanced Physical Iridology.


This package includes:  

  • Introduction to Integrated Iridology

  • Access to the following 8 classes

  • Integrated Iridology Essentials

  • Constitutional Iridology

  • The Collarette

  • The Pupil and its Border

  • The Sclera

  • Advanced level Pigmentation

  • Transversals

  • Lacunae morphology

  • Integrated Iridology Textbook

  • 8 full colour student workbooks

  • Integrated Iridology Desk chart

  • Integrated Iridology Bowel Reflex chart

  • Integrated Iridology Pupil Signs chart

  • Integrated Iridology Sclera Signs chart

  • Integrated Iridology Constitution chart

  • Integrated Iridology Constitution wall chart

  • Integrated Iridology Reverse chart

  • Integrated Iridology Fundamentals Flash book

  • Set of Integrated Iridology Constitution Flash Cards

  • Iris Light magnifier

  • Pen light


Bonuses in bold

Qualify to apply for Professional level membership of IIPA

ALL the tools needed to complete your practitioner level training and implement Iridology into your clinic.


70 modules. 50 CPE points.

Bundle Price: $2280 Australian Dollars

Includes Free Worldwide Shipping

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Phone: +61 3 5975 0927

Mobile: +61 401 170 986

WhatsApp: +61 401 170 986


“I have learned that if I am in doubt, I will make sure the client gets the recommendation to have further investigations done - it is about the client's health and the sooner a possible condition is recognized the greater the chances of either preventing the disease or cure it. Learning about the 38-year-old woman with a kidney lymphatic constitution and then putting the pigments and signs together showed me how the iris & sclera tell an entire story of her genetic heritage as well as her young life's experiences and in her case, besides other indication, an accident in her early 20s. I am nothing short of being intrigued & fascinated with the plenty of ways our eyes can let us know. The case histories don't just pinpoint one particular sign but rather puts all signs into perspective to tell the tale. Thank you so very much Toni for sharing these case studies and showing us how you put things together!” Petra Geiger. Freshwater QLD Australia

This course has given me a very easy structure, easy to follow process in making a formal assessment and also gives you practical help and advice in distinguishing features and their relevance. I was taught to identify each sign and look for all the possible features or structures and make an assessment based on all of this information. This course made me disregard that method and adopt a simpler approach. The textbook, the materials, the flashcards, everything has been prepared for you in order to facilitate your clear understanding. Abraham Murshid. Liverpool UK


I absolutely loved the way everything was explained. As an iridologist who has been practicing under Jensen methods this course REALLY clarified many concepts and filled in gaps that were desperately needed. Indeed, this course was crucial to my continuing to practice the modality that I truly love. My own questions have been answered; therefore, I feel so much more confident that I will be able to adequately support my clients. Thank You Toni Miller! Renee Davenport. NY USA

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