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This boxed set of 37 cards is a wonderful resource for students and practitioners to improve under-standing and assist in explaining to their clients how to be the best they can be. The cards contain full colour graphics of twenty constitutions, each with concise descriptions of variations in colour, structure and accumulation signs that identify each person's unique constitutional profile. In addition, they list a.k.a.'s and identify each type's primary nurture points and life lessons. There are 14 cards that explain the meaning of position, quality and shape of the collarette (Autonomic Nerve Wreath). These cards describe the character of each type and offer herbal suggestions to maintain optimal wellbeing. So - in summary, the cards assist you to identify the familial health issues, the personality, the life lesson and the main supplements for maintenance of wellbeing. Perfect Iridology reference.
Bonus folding "Integrated Iridology"® chart in each set.


These Flash Cards were put together by Toni Miller - IIPA Iridologist of the Year 2014



Lymphatic Wellness, Hematogenic Wellness, Mixed Type Wellness, Lymphatic, Hematogenic, Mixed Type, Neurogenic, Neuro-Lymphatic, Plethoric, Glandular, Connective Tissue, Anxiety Tetanic, Ferrum Chromotose, Hyper-acidic, Febrile, Hemangiotic, Pancreatic, Kidney Lymphatic, Hydrogenic, Hypoplastic, Dyscratic, Miasmic, Lipaemic, The Collarette, Balanced Collarette, Constricted Collarette, Atonic Collarette, Thickened Collarette, Wispy Collarette, Obscure Collarette, Broken Collarette, Jagged Collarette, Double Collarette, Bridged Collarette

Dimensions: 13.3 x 9.3 x 1.8 cm

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