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Watch this video to see how our Iridology Camera Stand functions

Iris Supplies is now selling our Series 3 Iridology Camera Stand. This model has a different look with a white base and sliding block and a all-black headrest. This Series 3 Stand functions the same as our last model but is much lighter making this model easier to carry for portability.


Our Iridology Camera Stand features:

* Smooth up and down movement

* Smooth forward and backward movement for focusing

* An adjustable headrest for all head sizes

* A sliding block for smooth left to right, right to left movement to take both irises without the client having to move

* A professional finish to impress your colleagues and clients

* It works with our eyePIX Handheld Iridology Camera

* It also works with our multiPIX Handheld Iridology Camera

* Will work with other Iridology Cameras as well

The Sliding Block is used to move your Iridology Camera Left to Right for the Left & Right Irises. Two Linear Bearings have been incorporated into the Sliding Block for smooth sliding movement.

1. Use the Rack & Pinions for smooth Up & Down movement + smooth Forward & Backward movement. Take the sharpest images with precise ease.


2. Take your Iridology Camera on & off with this Knob which screws in & out with ease.


3. Sliding Block with Linear Bearings for smooth movement.

Adjust the height of the Chin Support quickly with this Adjustment Knob. Loosen and adjust to the required height for any head size and lock off ready for use. 

Why Purchase an Iridology Camera Stand?


Having an Iridology Camera Stand will simply improve your ability to take sharper images. You can always take your Iridology Camera off the Stand and use it Handheld but ideally the Stand is the way to go.


With the Iridology Camera Stand the Camera will be supported by the Stand which will eliminate the hand movement of the Iridologist. The client will rest the head in the Head Rest once again eliminating head movement. With the Iridology Camera and the Client in a controlled position you can now take a sharper image. With the client in a fixed position it will also be easier to centre images with the Up & Down movements of the Rack & Pinions and Left to Right movements of the Sliding Block. 


If you want to take the sharpest images that are well centred with your Iridology Camera and do it consistently then you need to purchase an Iridology Camera Stand.


Our New Series 3 Iridology Camera Stand will work with both our eyePIX Handheld Iridology Camera and the multiPIX Handheld Iridology Camera. It is also designed to work with other Iridology Cameras.

The Series 3 Iridology Camera Stand was designed by Samuel R Kennedy an Iridologist and Naturopath who founded Iris Supplies in 1998 and has over 30 years' experience in the development of Iridology Cameras.

If you have inquires or would like to make an order please contact Iris Supplies at:



Phone: +61 3 5975 0927

Mobile: +61 401 170 986

WhatsApp: +61 401 170 986

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