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This 68 page spiral bound set of flash cards is an ideal reference for students, which becomes a wonderful resource you will use every day once you are in clinical practice. Open up meaningful dialogue with your clients. Featuring high quality images opposite effective graphics and detailed descriptions. Use these to show examples of what iris signs look like and to enhance your explanations. Terminology has been thoughtfully written with both the iridologist and the client in mind. Some of the classical iridology terms have been changed to enhance understanding. The descriptions of iris signs are based on over thirty five years of clinical experience of the author and are explained according to 'Integrated Iridology' concepts, which combine philosophies from America, Europe and Australia. A satin finish protective coating on each page makes this an attractive addition to your iridology resources. Whether you're learning, practicing or teaching Iridology, the Fundamental Flashbook will be a great asset to you.


This Flashbook was put together by Toni Miller - IIPA Iridologist of the Year 2014



Iris Structure, Lacunae, Closed Lacuna, Open Lacuna, Rarefaction, Double Lacuna, Defect Signs, Diverticula Sign, Honeycomb Lacuna, Shading, Hot Spots, Hyper-Acidic Constitution, Latent Shading, Languid Shading, Cold Spots, Brightened Pupillary Sphincter, Fermentative Stomach, Under Acid Stomach, Scurf Ring, Lymphatic Tophi, Transversals, Contraction Furrows, Radial Furrows, Pigments, Central Heterochromia, Sectorial Heterochromia, Venous Sign, Peripheral Constriction, Corneal Arcus, Lower Arcus, Mid Section Arcus, Upper Arcus


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