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Iris Supplies is excited to be now selling the Integrated Iridology Online Courses by leading Iridologist Toni Miller.


Toni Miller is an expert in the field of Iridology & has been teaching Iridology since 1983. She previously taught in a classroom setting till 2014. Keeping up with technology and student preference, she put her classes online in 2015. Many of her graduates say the online courses are just like being in a live class. 

Integrated Iridology®

Integrated Iridology® is a cohesive blend of American, Australian and European models based on the writings of many leading authorities proven with forty years of clinical practice. Integrated Iridology® was the first Iridology system to combine the teachings of many Iridology masters, and embodies the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of signs in the eye.


Learn Iridology from the most experienced Iridology instructor

in the southern hemisphere


Toni Miller ND DHM MII CCII Ir. Fellow offers classes on various subjects suitable for beginners or those wanting to become professional Iridologists. It is rare indeed to have a teacher who can both explain and offer answers based on the wisdom that comes from 40 years of professional clinical experience and over 3 decades of ongoing research.


The College of IRIS, established in 1997, is the only one specializing in Iridology education in the southern hemisphere.


Learn at your own pace

in the comfort of your own home


Integrated Iridology® Advanced Physical Iridology is the most comprehensive certification course available in English with 209 modules on 8 subjects presented with over 1500 high resolution images. The course is online, offering you the convenience of being able to study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or office. You have contact with Toni Miller, your teacher, for the duration of the course and you can graduate as an API - Advanced Physical Iridologist. 

Toni Miller bio

Toni Miller’s introduction to Iridology began at twenty-one when she accompanied a friend for a consultation with one of Australia’s first Iridology practitioners. She was immediately fascinated with the accurate assessment and consequent resolution of her friend’s health condition.


Toni’s clinical Iridology experience began in 1981 after graduating from Southern Cross Herbal College. Her Iridology education continued throughout her professional career, studying with Bernard Jensen in 1984 and teaching his method for Southern Cross Herbal College from 1983 till 1988. In that year, she completed advanced studies in the Angerer philosophies with Robert Lucy (Australia). She found that European Iridology was quite different to the American model and her teacher emphasized his opinion that it would be impossible to combine the two. Toni viewed this as a challenge and changed her method of consultation, using both charts and viewpoints with all clients. Instead of finding disharmony, she discovered that the Jensen system was easy for clients to understand whereas the European style offered more complex details about iris signs and explained the significance of the pupil and the sclera.

Toni was teaching for Southern Cross Herbal College when she wrote the first Iridology course to be issued diploma status by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. She continued her role as Iridology instructor for this school till 1995 when she founded the College of I.R.I.S. This remains the only college in the southern hemisphere specializing in Iridology education. Toni continued her studies in all aspects of Iridology, investing in international conferences to further her understanding of Iridology. She became life long friends with Ellen Tart Jensen in 1997 and was introduced to a new and exciting concept. Teachings she learned from Dorothy Hall and Daniele lo Rito supported the theory that most physical iris signs have a connection to emotional and mental aspects.

Finally Integrated Iridology was born in 1998. After using two charts for nearly ten years, she produced the Integrated Iridology Chart. This was the world’s first hybrid chart. The same year saw the release of charts Pupil Signs, the Sclera and The Structure along with “The Iridologist” - the world’s first comprehensive Iridology data software program. Since then, she has produced a series of educational software titles and two sets of Flash Cards.

Toni is Australia’s leading Iridology researcher and teacher and has lectured nationally and internationally at many Iridology conferences. She was accredited in 1999 as a Diploma Level 2 Iridology instructor by the International Iridology Practitioners Association. IIPA awarded her with a commemorative plaque for her dedication thirty years contribution to Iridology and then voted Toni Iridologist of the year and Iridology Instructor of the year in 2014.

Some of Toni Miller's achievements

Member of ATMS, IIPA (International Iridology Practitioner’s Association)

Iridology instructor since 1983

Advanced Instructor accredited by IIPA 1999

Founder and senior lecturer of the College of IRIS - specializing in iridology education since 1997.

Organizer International Iridology Conference, Sydney 2001

Organizer International Iridology Conference, Gold Coast, 2008

Author of the award winning “Integrated Iridology Textbook” 2008. (revised 2016) 

IIPA Board member since 2016

Patron of the Sri Lanka Iridology Association 2017

Fellow Iridologist 2018

Director of Inter Health Australia Pty Ltd.


Want to learn Iridology from Toni Miller?


Click Here for the Integrated Iridology Online Courses.

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