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With the eyePIX Pro Digital Iriscope you can view the Eye Live through the Microscope which is an amazing thing. To get an idea of what this will be like, view this video. The video quality does not match the quality of the images you will take, but it does give you a very good idea of the experience you can have when viewing the Eye Live through the Microscope.

The Iris Supplies eyePIX Pro Digital Iriscope is for the Serious Iridologist. With a 24-megapixel camera and an OLYMPUS Zoom Trinocular Microscope you will be setup to take images superior to any other device on the market. Zoom in on any part of the Iris or Pupil Border (6.7x-45x) and take high quality images that are sharp and clear. To take the perfect image you have the Professional Iridology Stand that not only supports the Digital Camera, Microscope & Client but also has smooth left to right movement to take both irises. Smooth up and down movement, as well as smooth back and forth movement for precise focus. This Iriscope also features a Fibre-Optic Light Supply specially designed by Iris Supplies for Iridology with viewing light and most importantly flash to take the perfect exposed image.


A key component to taking the perfect Iris Image is the lighting. The eyePIX Pro uses a Fibre-Optic Light Supply specially designed for Iridology.


Duel Fibre-Optic Side Lighting for better iris fibre definition.

•    Lateral / Medial Adjustment

•    Twin & Single Light Option

• High & Low light intensity

• Cold light for client eye comfort

• Built in Xenon Flash for true color images and perfect exposure

• Excellent for all Irises including Dark Brown Irises

• Designed by Samuel R Kennedy (Iridologist & Naturopath) who has over 35 years in the development of Iridology Cameras

The eyePIX Pro does not use cheap & inferior LED lighting that distorts color & image quality and limits depth of field.

Iridology Stand

To take the perfect iris image a Professional Iridology Stand is needed. With the eyePIX Pro you will

have a Professional Iridology Stand that will support the Digital Camera & Microscope while keeping

the Client in a fixed position.

It also features:

• Smooth up and down movement

• Smooth forward and backward movement for precise focusing

• An adjustable headrest for all head sizes

• Ergonomic Design

• Comfortable

• A sliding block for smooth left to right, right to left movement to take both irises without the client

having to move

Designed by Samuel R Kennedy (Iridologist & Naturopath) who has over 35 years in the development of Iridology Cameras

OLYMPUS Zoom Trinocular Microscope

With the Zoom Trinocular Microscope you will be able to do live-eye viewing and take excellent images all from 6.7x to 45x magnification. Click here to see sample images.

Other Features

• 24 Megapixel Nikon Digital SLR Camera

• Dark Hood for bright light conditions

Optional extras

• Iridology Station 5.2 (Iridology Analysis & Reporting Software)

• 2 Carry Cases. Durable, waterproof & airtight. Great for transportation and for protecting the Iriscope.

• Legs for Stand

HDMI Cable to connect the Camera to a Monitor

History: The eyePIX Pro Digital Iriscope was designed by Samuel R Kennedy an Iridologist and Naturopath who founded Iris Supplies in 1998 and has over 35 years' experience in the development of Iridology Cameras. The eyePIX Pro Digital Iriscope has evolved from its first model over 20 years ago, and has improved with better design and the latest technology and a price that every professional Iridologist can afford. The eyePIX Pro has been sold all over the world and to leading Iridologist including Toni Miller (IIPA 2014 Iridologist of the Year), Dr David J Pesek, John Andrews, Daniele Lo Rito, Dr Florrie Kerschbaumer & Dr Suzanne Haylett to name a few. The eyePIX Pro has formally been known as the Tri-Iriscope, eyePIX6000 Pro, eyePIX8000 Pro, eyePIX10 Pro and in the American market the Pesek Professional Digital Iriscope (also designed by Iris Supplies).

If you would like to make an order, contact Iris Supplies at:



Phone: +61 3 5975 0927

Mobile: +61 401 170 986

WhatsApp: +61 401 170 986

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