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Iris Supplies is now selling the eyePIX Handheld Iridology Camera with our Iridology Camera Stand in a New Package Deal (as shown on the left).


With the eyePIX Handheld you will have all the advantages of having a portable Iridology Camera that takes excellent images and then when you need to you can attach the eyePIX Handheld to your Iridology Camera Stand for a stable and professional setup.

eyePIX Handheld Iridology Camera:

- Includes 18 or 24.2 megapixel Canon SLR camera

- Superior Lighting System specially designed for Iridology

- Specially designed lens for Iridology

- Twin side lighting

- Small & light weight

- With adjustable settings it's excellent for taking all irises including Dark Brown Irises

- It is easy to use

Iridology Camera Stand:

- Smooth up and down movement

- Smooth forward and backward movement for focusing

- An adjustable headrest for all head sizes

- A sliding block for smooth left to right, right to left movement to take both irises

without the client having to move

For more information regarding the eyePIX Handheld click here

For more information regarding the Iridology Camera Stand click here


Carry Case

Keep your investment safe and travel with ease with our New Carry Case.



















Other Optional Extras

Iridology Station 5 (Software)

Carry Case for eyePIX Handheld

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